No matter how well insured you are there may be times when you need that little bit extra. There may come a time when you find yourself in a situation where you need some temporary van insurance. If you are moving house, or helping someone else move house and you intend to share the driving, then temporary insurance is great for covering that particular job. There are a number of reasons why people might need temporary insurance cover, having another person drive your vehicle for a short term purpose, is a prime example.

Do an internet search and you will find that a growing number of companies now offer temp insurance. Most temporary insurance cover runs from one to twenty eight days, and providing you are an experienced older driver; it is incredibly easy to get hold of. Young drivers will find it difficult if not impossible to get short term insurance cover in their own names because companies regard them as a greater insurance risk. Providing you fulfil the criteria, temporary insurance cover is easy to acquire, you don’t even have to pay a visit to your regular insurer because you can get temporary cover online.

If you need temporary cover because another person will be driving your van, either because they are visiting from abroad, or helping with a house move, then buy it over the internet. All you need to do is log onto the site, find a quote that suits your needs, pay for it and print it off once your card has been validated. You will find that choosing temporary insurance cover for your van couldn’t be simpler, it will save you from worrying about your full insurance, and it won’t affect any no claims bonus that you may have.

Buy Temporary Car Insurance Policies

If another driver will be using your car for a few days, or if you will be driving a courtesy car while your own car is fixed, ten you may want to buy some temporary short term car insurance. In order to qualify for temporary car insurance you should have held a UK or EU full driving licence for at least a year and be over the age of 24 and under 75. You should not have received more than six penalty points on your licence in the last two years nor had more than one fault claim in the last three. Your car has to have a minimum value of £1,500 and a maximum of £40,000. Most companies will insist that you have a fairly clean driving licence; too many penalty points will disqualify you from applying for short term insurance. If you are twenty four rather than twenty five then you can expect your premium to be much higher than for others because insurance companies regard young drivers as an insurance risk.

Don’t buy insurance on the first quote, you should shop around and see what different online insurance companies have to offer. One of the problems with some insurers is that you cannot get any kind of a quote without first disclosing all your details. Policies run from one to twenty eight days, you should be rigorous about stopping the policy after twenty eight days, if you leave it until the thirtieth, you could find yourself having to pay another month’s premium. The great thing about getting a temporary car insurance policy is that you buy it on the internet. Most of the insurance sites are secure and you pay by credit card once you decide to accept whatever quote you get. After your payment has been approved then you can download your short term policy, you’re already covered!